A piano is one of very few instruments that can stand alone. Capable of filling in the sounds and rhythms of other instruments, it is its own base line, drum beat, and of course, melody. Dayi, 13 from Mérida, Venezuela, is a curious girl who loves and excels at seemingly everything – singing, math, French, English and the piano. She is one of the most sociable little girls in her neighborhood and a budding, star student at her school Liceo Libertador. Like many in Mérida, her economic situation is perilous. She lives with her mother, step-father and sister, but resources are scarce, and time even scarcer.

Dayi knows the key to everything is graduating high school and furthering her education at a university level. She also knows, as do her parents, that to advance she will need extra help. Money is the elephant in the room, so without a subsidized program to help Dayi, she might be left behind like many others... Fortunately, Dayi is one of most engaged students on DTML platform and she is currently working with carrying volunteer who is ready to help when needed.

The mission of DTML is to disrupt poverty cycles and interject stable, educational mentors in the lives of children, worldwide. We do this via online platforms where pre-screened, volunteer educators connect with children like Dayi and others to establish a learning relationship that will guide them to adulthood. Research shows that stability matters, and mentoring works. The key is to make it cost-effective and efficient for both parties.

The internet has connected the world like nothing before it, and at a fraction of the cost. For just $20 per month you can place a mentor in the lives of children like ÓscarAnixandra, Dayi and many others to literally shatter the cycle of poverty. Take an action, help us today