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Daybreak, and the sounds and smells of the morning are always comforting on one level. Ever-present, reliable and secure. But the prospect of another day and the challenges that await are a concern, especially for those in the developing world, where security and upward advancement is far from attainable.

In the U.S., Europe, and many countries in Asia, there are systems in place that nurture youth from their formative years to adulthood. These systems, like any, have their flaws. Some function better than others, some are highly dependent on teachers and mentors, while others center on family alone. But the common denominator in each successful model is a figure (be it parent, teacher or mentor) that is ever-present, consistent, and has the child’s best interests in mind.

A magic bullet does not exist. But what development economists do know is networks matter. Family networks, community networks and educational networks. When children can count on healthy networks, upward advancement follows. But how does one foster a healthy network?

DTML was founded with premise that the biggest impact can be made by augmenting school activities with volunteer help to provide assistance to kids where and when needed. Therefore, DTML partners with schools and educational institutions to leverage existing facilities and equipment to provide students across the educational platform. Partnering with schools allows us to measure effectiveness of the program, evaluate needs of the students and assess the quality of individual volunteers and mentors. It also allows us to tailor specific activities to the needs of the individual school.

We are early in our journey but we are already fortunate to touch lives of many amazing students. Meet some of them:

Óscar and Anixandra
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