Maria Cano School in Medellin, Colombia needs our help

Maria Cano School in Medellin, Colombia has been the mainstay for both the community and their children for a decent number of years. Beyond the conventional academic training, they are helping children learn the merits and benefits of teamwork, good morals, English language, and sport. Through your concerted support, we are able to help them train dozens of kids each year. The kids range from 3 to 10 years and live throughout the community. While we do have a slight operating budget based on your support and some internal funding system; it is simply not enough to create an environment that we feel benefits the children as much as it could.

While we understand times are tough economically for almost everyone, we truly feel that the intangible benefits these children receive through engaging in the acquisition of English language cannot be tracked with a price tag. The life skills they achieve by participating are invaluable to them as they enter and move through their childhood and into adulthood.

 Based on this we launched a new project to support in Maria Cano School in Medell,Colombia and other schools we support. We are currently in need of charitable contribution to purchase new computers for these schools in Colombia. Among other things, this will help to teach the kids the norms and the nuances of the English language.

 Each charity donation helps us promote the values of love, resilience and other traits that help us raise the next generation to accomplish their life purpose.

As we partner to actualize this unique goal, we know that you will love to touch the lives of these young ones by giving generously to this cause.

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