New Game Makes Learning to Type Fun!

Engaging students in online learning can be difficult, especially when it comes to vital skills. To boost student engagement, while monitoring student progress, Distance Teaching Mobile Learning (DTML) is excited to announce our newest game, designed to teach typing skills, sight words, and aid English language development.

DTML is a non-profit organization committed to student success by offering eLearning completely free of charge and free of annoying ads. Thousands of parents and teachers have already discovered DTML’s incredible online games, designed to help students of all ages and abilities learn and grow. The newest game to the DTML platform is the exciting Space Typing Adventure.

Space Typing Adventure combines a fun interactive game with practical keyboarding skills while building sight word recognition. Students of all ages will enjoy avoiding flaming asteroids and meteorites by keying in the appropriate keys on the home row in the first level and saving their spaceships from destruction in the second. As students progress through the levels, each offers something new, calling upon more sophisticated skills and requiring more concentration. As part of the DTML platform, student learning is monitored and resources adapt to students’ individual skills and learning styles. You’ll be amazed at how quickly students settle down and focus on the task at hand when that task is Space Typing Adventure.

Perfectly suited to support language acquisition and mastery, develop initial keyboarding skills, and strengthen proper positioning and muscle use, DTML is proud to welcome Space Typing Adventure to our toolkit and to offer it to parents, teachers, and students for free! ELearning is the education of the future and DTML is committed to developing quality resources all students can use. To play Space Typing Adventure, or to learn more about who we are and what we do, explore our website today!

You can try Space Typing Adventure  here: 


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