Poverty in Uganda – How education can uplift countries from poverty

The team at Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML), believes that education is the key to a world without poverty.

The nonprofit’s mission to provide children in impoverished countries with free access to education around the world has recently expanded into Uganda.

Uganda is one of the world’s poorest countries.

Because of the severe poverty in Uganda, the average life expectancy is one of the shortest in the world. Only through education can the poorest countries of the world lift themselves to a better economic situation.

Literacy and education provide a window of opportunity for poor countries like Uganda.

Yet, for most of the families and persons living in the poorest and most rural parts of Uganda, education and learning seems like nothing more than a distant dream.

In Uganda, people still struggle to find access to enough of life’s most basic necessities, including proper sanitation, nutritional food, clean water, housing, and means of keeping oneself healthy. Of course, without access to these simple needs, it is very hard to sustain any effective educational system in Uganda, especially in the poorest rural communities, where people cannot survive off of the pay that the government provides teachers.

The economic system in Uganda is still largely based around hard labor and most of the country’s poorest citizens must spend their time working in fields and other hard labor occupations in order to feed themselves and their families, leaving no time or resources to further their education and better their situation.

A constant struggle to survive leaves little room for economic betterment.

However, Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning wants to change that.

Despite Uganda’s poverty rate, it also has one of the world’s highest rates of poverty reduction, shedding hope on the otherwise grim situation.

A 2016 poverty assessment showed that the amount of people living below the poverty line in Uganda has decreased by more than 10% from 2006 to 2013.

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning wants to help Ugandan citizens sustain and strengthen their climb from poverty by offering a revolutionary, FREE way for them to access technology and education that will give them the tools they need to build a better community.

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning is a non-profit, charity organization that helps countries and communities in need by providing access to free educational resources through technology. DTML’s charitable work in providing technology to children in Uganda will give children access to vetted volunteer mentors and professional education tutors through free online services.

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning has already started helping kids in Uganda by delivering computers and various school supplies to elementary schools in Kampala so that the students there can access DTML’s free educational resources online.

However, DTML’s mission is far from complete. They need your help to continue to give children in Uganda the opportunity to create a better life for themselves.

Visit our donors page to learn more about how you can help support DTML today!

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